I’m Andrea, Thank you for visiting!

Do you seek a distinct, one of a kind hand painted piece of Furniture?

Welcome to Butterfly Boho
I simply love the craftsmanship and value of furniture from the past. It gives me great pleasure to bring the old into a new light for a new life in this day and time with flavor of color making a fine piece of furniture reborn for modern times. Much like a cocoon waiting for the transformation into something more grand and vibrant!

I was born and raised right here in the suburbs of Nashville, the daughter of an Independent Country Music Producer in Music City. I’ve always been creative in the arts every since I was very young. I started by drawing, making my own designs and crafting my clothes, stainglass work and so much more. I’m very much a nature girl, always out enjoying many facets of what nature offers.

I also clean homes on the side outside of my passion for art. I have a few homes that I clean locally and am open to another if you interested, then please do contact me soon, as I only have limited available openings left. I have also created a blog for that, you may visit me there at http://helpinghand.me/

Driftwood art:  I unit each individual piece of wood, as my hands were being directed effortlessly. My hands move as if one were floating down a river, in which the wood once came forth. Surrendering self along the path in it’s natural direction of flow.

I feel within, the connection to this earth, originally rooted deep into this earths layers of ground, in which we both evolved from. A seed created from the Divine, out of the dust we rose, to become more than before.

A seed sprung forth, then nature through growth, time and it’s journey on the waters shaped it to its beauty and form, only to come to this place in time for my hands to unit other pieces by me.